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Bozhou city funeral home

Bozhou city funeral home,Mainly solve the funeral service for the people who live in a high-rise building the corpse,Provide thoughtful SangShu、The specification、High quality one-stop service。The company has a team of elite burial service team,After a long-term training senior professionals,Combining with the local folk customs,Summarizes a set of professional service process,Thus become the only bozhou city is audited by the government、Established by the civil affairs bureau for examination and approval of the funeral etiquette service company。...

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LingPeng hall、Angles、Symbol of service
The undertaker、Custom make the shroud、Portrait、The bodies of the feeder、Body beauty、The hall is decorated
Hurrying over、Substituting obituary、Arrange cremation、Cemetery selection、Tombstone、Made a security

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Bozhou city funeral home
24Hours funeral services
The service hotline:0558-5182333
Curator of the phone:15256195666
Address:With ginkgo road105National road cross estuary100M

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