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Hainan LianFeng stone industry co., LTD., founded in1994Years,Is a mining、Processing and sales、The equipment is advanced、Variety complete large stone company。Currently has jin chengguo border of some building materials market8000㎡In the factory Room、The exhibition hall。Large number of long-term supply of volcanic rock a black hole、Basalt、Andesite;Different specifications of the machine section、Dumb smooth surface、Polished surface、Archaize surface、Sandblast surface、Litchi noodles、The burning surface、Natural surface、The cut surface of two kinds of production Product。For municipal road engineering、Large indoor and outdoor projects、Garden hotel to provide quality services。Long-term supply products...【In more detail】



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Contact phone number:13698905179 Email:410510728@qq.com Haikou city QiuHai avenue extension cord2Km jin chengguo border city of stone 2 circuits

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