The enterprise culture
Asian dragon culture is committed to build equality、Respect、The working environment of integrity,Can let every employee in the Asian dragon feel better to talent on this platform…
  1. Pass love,The transmission of civilization
  2. Parent-child interest games
  3. Love committee
  4. Food festival
  5. The annual meeting
Enterprise certification
Enterprise has passedISO9001:2008Quality management system、ISO14001:2004Environmental management system certification;Products through the United StatesULCertification and China3CCertification;Products obtained national patent…
  1. Environmental management system certificate(In Chinese)
  2. Environmental management system certificate(The English language)
  3. The quality management system certificate(In Chinese)
  4. The quality management system certificate(The English language)
  5. 3CCertification in Chinese
Enterprise silhouette
Silhouette enterprise manufacturing premises、Enterprises manufacturing capabilities、Enterprises manufacturing high quality products,Company attaches great importance to the sustainable development,We provide the best quality,Sincere service…
  1. The company gate
  2. Office building at the front desk
  3. The office
  4. The training room
  5. The conference room

Introduction to the enterprise

Shenzhen dragon electronics technology co., LTD. Was established in Asia2004Years,Specialized in manufacturing plastic wiring equipment metal insert、The switch、The power converter、Bluetooth stereo, and computer peripherals。After ten years of development and precipitation,The company has a number of highly qualified professional team。There'sCYX、CBOKE、MOREYAThree major brands。2016In digital burke,Professional research and development manufacturing bluetooth、Intelligent speakers。Through the enterpriseISO9001Certification、ISO1400Certification、ULCertification、3CCertification,Part of products obtained national patent。

Enterprise information

Enterprise information
Dynamic company:Refers to the latest dynamic publishing company,It is a major production and marketing in the enterprise information、Operating information、Product launches activity form to build brand、The basic dynamic propaganda enterprise image。
  1. Phoenix mountain environmental publicity and volunteer activities
  2. Asia dragon science and technology2019Year of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice
  3. Asia dragon science and technology2019In the tomb-sweeping day holiday notice
  4. Asia dragon science and technology2019In the Spring Festival holiday notice
  5. Asian dragons of the fourth small specialty food festival