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Decorative material co., LTD. In Beijing's official website,Good faith for this:The market will never change,Good faith forever。
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Introduction to the enterprise

Decoration material co., LTD in Beijing(The mean of smallpox)Based on design、Production、Research and development、Sales of fluorine-carbon aluminum single sheet、Aluminum smallpox、Aluminous model board、Aluminum honeycomb panel、Integration ceiling of metal building materials product international professional enterprise。The registered capital1500Wan,Cover an area of an area3Million square meters。Companies in Hong Kong is superior business environment and information,Make use of the Hong Kong people,Management,Technical advantage,And cooperation with the European and American designers,Adhere to the society、Economic and environmentally responsible manner,Product innovation,Research and development energy conservation、Low carbon、Health、Green、Environmental protection、Durable products,In order to meet the world's growing demand for new metal building products,Some products have been national patents。Company is located in guangzhou panyu district of guangdong province set up production base in China,The scale of production output,Non-standard metal smallpox andPVDFAluminum curtain wall38Million square meters,Standard metal ceiling300Thousands of square meters of production capacity;One company has“The European leagues”The famous brand。

The company introduces the most advanced Japanese CNC sheet metal bending equipment、Japan langPVDFFully automatic coating production line,Germany is fully automatic350Meters long electrostatic powder coating production line,Japan automatic roll coating production line、The computer numerical control hydraulic molding equipment, etc。From the engineering design、Research and development、Product raw material test、In accordance with the production process control to construction installation servicesISO9001:2000Strict quality control system management。
Guangzhou guang jing decoration materials co., LTD., a subsidiary of product research and development、Production center,Adhering to the enterprise brand“The European leagues”The fine quality of the core concept,To meet the demand of large engineering and high-end customers at home and abroad,Insist on continuous innovation,Our duty is to lead the industry trend,For hundreds of projects at home and abroad provide the best quality products and services。
The company sincerely look forward to sincere cooperation with friends from all walks of life,Mutual win-win!

Corporate vision:Be respected and innovative ability of leading companies around the world!

Corporate mission:Create opportunities for employees to,Create value for customers,Create benefits for the enterprise,Take responsibility for the society。

The spirit of enterprise:Professional dedication、The good faith、The team、Innovation。

The enterprise values:Integrity responsible、Dare to innovation、Promote the development of building materials industry。

Decoration material co., LTD in Beijing
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