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Shangqiu xin cheng tableware co., LTD

Shangqiu xin cheng tableware co., LTD is a professional research、Sales biomass degradation materials of high-tech enterprises,Specialized in environmental technology research and development and production,In the existing technical engineering personnel6Name,Part-time technical personnel8Name。Strong technical force,Wide range of business,Constantly introduce high-tech achievements。Has been formed10000Tons of biomass degradation material production research and development capabilities,The main products include biomass degradation sheet products,Functional masterbatch,Injection molding products and membrane bag products,Applicable to the disposable tableware,All kinds of soft plastic bag、Food packaging film, etc。Company attaches great importance to the scientific and technological innovation and talent training,With hefei materials of Chinese academy of sciences and other related colleges and universities and research institutions established good scientific research cooperation,Laid a solid foundation for enterprise development。

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