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    Texas yu force hydraulic co., LTD was constituted by Texas unisoft hydraulic technology co., LTD、Texas's fluid seal co., LTD。The company1966In a factory,40In scientific research、Development、History of manufacturing,Is the domestic engineering machinery supporting cylinder, one of the largest manufacturers。Is the national hydraulic superhigh pressure industry leader of the factory,China hydraulic pneumatic industry governing units。
   Company technical force is abundant,The equipment is advanced,Quality is reliable。All production equipment to realize numerical control。Company main products are loader hydraulic cylinder、Excavator hydraulic cylinder、The road machinery hydraulic cylinder、Construction machine...[The detailed information]
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The Texas force hydraulic co., LTD
Address:Shandong dezhou entrepreneurial way12Number
The phone:0534-2491658/2491941/2493367/2493350
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