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How do you do  Today is:2019Years9Month19Day  Thursda,Lianyungang city jin the floor:Seal curing agent floor,Color anti-skid road,Epoxy floor paint。Seal curing agent floor the applicable to all kinds of products are wear-resisting demands and permeability of the ground area。Color anti-skid road surface is suitable for urban trunk road,Urban trunk road、City overpass and sidewalks、Community roads and parking lots, etc。

Lianyungang city jin the floorIs a professional engaged in epoxy floor paint、Seal curing agent floor、Colored antiskid pavement design and construction company。Lianyungang kam standard epoxy floor can design according to the requirements of the different USES a variety of solutions: Such as thin layer coating,1-5mmThick self-leveling floor,Prevent slippery wear-resisting coating,Mortar coating,Color anti-skid road,Anti-corrosion coating, etc

    Sclerosis of wear-resisting floor system
      Sealed concrete curing agent floor
      Seal curing agent floor
      Don't angry, wear resistant floors
      Emery wear-resisting flooring, not of metal
      Metal mold emery floor
      Sealed concrete curing agent floor
    Epoxy floor coating system 
      Epoxy floor coating
      Type epoxy resin mortar floor
      Epoxy self-leveling floor paint
      The color sand pressure sand floor
      Epoxy terrazzo floor
    Special function floor coating system
      Colored asphalt antiskid pavement
      Anti-static floor
      Anti-static self-leveling floor
      Glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion type floor
      Epoxy vinyl heavy-duty floor
      Water-based environmentally friendly epoxy floor
      Orange peel type epoxy non-slip floor
      No vibration non-slip ramp floor
      Aging damage remolding old ground
      Non-toxic mouldproof wall/Super corrosion resistance exterior wall paint
   Sports stadium floor coating system
      SiliconpuThe stadium floor
      Acrylic stadium hard coating
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        Designed for all kinds of enterprises with the design of the floor、The construction、And manufacturing。To provide the best quality of all kinds of industrial floor materials and technical support。

 As for material

        We think:High quality products+Professional construction+Good service=Quality engineering

 Sales materials

        If you want to own high quality floor material construction、Maintenance、Maintenance and repair,Our company long-term supply floor material,To provide professional construction team。

 Single package construction

        The company has a variety of advanced surface treatment equipment and coating equipment。


        Mainly for customers have their own product brands,Want to create their own brand and not willing to production,Customer has production formula and no production equipment company。

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        Sincerely invite all people of insight,Individuals and units to join


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